Time for a quick snooze 

 Hi i'm cat lady


A Professional Cat Sitting Service from a totally dedicated passionate cat lady who loves looking after and caring for your precious family cats.

I have always been a cat lover and have had many family cat additions over the years which has included indoor and outdoor cats.

I fully understand and appreciate the need to find someone you can trust to leave your precious fluffy babies with whilst you are away on holiday or business. I always used to have problems trying to find someone I felt comfortable with.


I am now semi retired and Bonkers for Cats has been born. It's a dream of mine to help all you cat owners out there, to give you peace of mind that whilst you are away you can rest assured that your babies will be safe and cared for their every need. From passionate Cat Lady Anna Bonkers    😻💕

Fully Insured

Specialist in Indoor Cats